Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a technology-driven company that specializes in developing and marketing innovative home theater control and automation products.  RTI are best known for pioneering the development of affordable, customizable, wireless remote controls that incorporate touchscreen display. RTI’s guiding passion is to create products that transform any home theater or automation into a truly pleasant experience – each and every day it is used. Achieving this result requires a great deal of innovation.

RTI offer a comprehensive range of automation products including keypads, in wall touch screens and an award winning range of remote controls. In addition, the RTI product range is complemented by a large range of control processors suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Managing the ever increasing technology options throughout the home can become overwhelming. RTI systems can put the homeowner back in command of these technologies by bringing together control of electronics, whole house audio, lighting, security, and HVAC into one, simple interface. Whether in-wall or wireless, RTI products offer tremendous flexibility, allowing for a control interface tailored to each homeowner’s automation needs and technical aptitude.


RK10 T3V+ T1B
Designed to be the workhorse in all types of rooms, the RK10 is perfect for the boardroom and the kitchen or wherever the touchpanel has to do it all. With a large 10.2 inch widescreen display, it has the real estate needed for intuitive control of the equipment, environment, internet, and IT resources. When used with other RTI automation devices, the RK10 can provide a virtually unlimited level of control.


The T3-V+ is a powerhouse controller wrapped in a stylish, ergonomic design that redefines the role of the remote. Building on the original award-winning T3 concept, updated features such as revolutionary dual RF transmission plus wireless Ethernet provide the user with amazing control options. Designed to satisfy the most discriminating user, the T3-V+ delights the eye with custom graphics and web pages that come to life in sizzling color and clarity with a full VGA resolution, high contrast LCD display. Even with all this,  “easy to use” is still the goal, and an assortment of hard buttons provides tactile feel and control of commonly used functions, including a three-way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation.  The T1-B is the second generation of RTI’s popular T1 universal system controller. Completely customizable and programmable, the T1-B allows all other factory remote controls to be combined into one simple, ergonomic user interface providing powerful one-handed system control.Perfect for any media room, the T1-B can also be completely customized to control virtually any aspect of the home or office. Buttons can be individually programmed to control devices or execute multi-step macros for complex installations involving many components. Source buttons can be custom labeled to match the device being controlled for more intuitive control. The integrated tilt switch, coupled with a Lithium-ion battery and charging dock insure hours of uninterupted control.
When other RTI devices are employed, the T1-B is capable of RF transmission thru walls and cabinets, RS-232 control, contact closures, power sensing and much more. Whether used as a standalone device or integrated into a complete RTI control solution, the T1-B will provide powerful and intuitive control of any electronics system – from simple to sophisticated.
AD4   XP8   RK3V
Let the music move you with the AD-4 audio distribution system from RTI. Go to the exercise room to summon your  iPod®, listen to broadcast radio in the kitchen, internet radio in the backyard, and a CD in the living room – all at the same time.  With four analog audio source inputs and outputs, wherever you go – the music moves with you. An integrated 8-channel amplifier provides plenty of power, wile zone independent volume and tone control brings the sound to life. When you combine the AD-4 with RTI central processors, remote control, touchpanel, and keypads, this RTI distributed audio solution keeps pace with the rhythm of your life.   The XP-8 is a high-end remote control processor for automating the operation of electronic systems in homes and office buildings. The combination of a blazing fast MPU, real-time multitasking operating system, and tremendous expandability make the XP-8 the perfect solution for large-scale and complex projects Like other RTI processors, the XP-8 has been designed to interface seamlessly with all RTI remote controls and touchpanels.    The RK3-V provides elegant and intuitive control of today’s entertainment, environment and security systems. Representing the second generation of the award-winning RK-3 In-wall Controller, the RK3-V is capable of displaying text and graphics with incredibly rich and vivid detail with a new full VGA display – 4 times the resolution of it’s renowned predecessor.The design of the RK3-V In-wall Controller allows it to blend into any room. The perfect balance between display size and resolution, a 3.5 inch LCD is small enough to fit in any decor, yet it provides the necessary resolution for displaying custom graphics, web pages and CD cover artwork.


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