McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers

Many music lovers choose a McIntosh 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier to be the backbone of their audio system or home stereo. The reason is simple: integrated amplifiers provide unbeatable value for your invested dollar.

McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers combine the engineering and performance of our world renowned Amplifiers and Preamplifiers into one space saving unit. By sharing a single chassis, integrated amplifiers help reduce the overall footprint of the audio system or home stereo.

McIntosh integrated amplifiers are available with various power outputs. Regardless which model you choose, you will be rewarded with years of McIntosh-quality listening pleasure.

  • MCINTOSH MA6700 – Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    With 200 Watts of power per channel, the MA6700 can be the high performance centerpiece in a great stereo system. It combines amp and preamp functionality, along with a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and phono section all in one space saving unit.

    With its preamp section featuring 11 total inputs – including 3 digital inputs that will decode your digital music at up to 32 bits and 192kHz – the MA6700 is sure to provide you with enough connections and modern technology to keep all your music sources connected and sounding great.