McIntosh Power Controller

McIntosh Specialty Products help you customize your McIntosh experience to your lifestyle. Engineered to work in harmony with your McIntosh components, they help to enhance the enjoyment of your home theater systems and car stereo systems even more.

  • MCINTOSH MPC1500 Power Controller

    Today’s AC power is littered with by product from the operation of millions of personal computers, satellite set-top boxes and myriad other noise inducing devices. The new MPC1500 Power Controller, the first-ever such product from McIntosh, provides total isolation, low noise, and maximum power transfer to enable the best performance possible from your McIntosh components.

    The MPC1500 improves the performance of your system by removing this AC line noise, thus maximizing the operating efficiency of all connected components. The MPC1500 features silent, transformer-based noise suppression. Additionally, a surge suppression circuit is quick acting, high current capable, and stable over time for the best possible protection.

    A trademark glass front panel features Fiber Optic Illumination with two custom meters for instant recognition of current and voltage. The MPC1500 protects your valuable components, increases system performance and simplifies AC power connection all in one easy to use, well-appointed product.