Data Networking

Data Networking


The secret to high performance AV networks is segmented traffic – grouping traffic that would otherwise conflict, bogging down network speeds, to their own specified traffic lanes. These lanes are called VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) – a useful way to separate network traffic and enhance network security. Traditionally, VLANs are difficult to configure and hard to apply consistently across the network.
Traffic segmentation ensures that different device and traffic types can co-exist on the network without interfering with one another. Traffic Segmentation puts different traffic types into their own “lanes” that can be given different priorities, ensuring that latency sensitive traffic – like streaming media and VoIP – is prioritized above less sensitive traffic for optimal performance.
Designed for A/V & Automation
Homes and offices are smarter than ever. These days even restaurants and shops are brimming with IoT devices. As your peace of mind, productivity, and entertainment now relies on Internet dependent devices and applications, it’s important to have a network that can support dense multimedia traffic, but also optimize it.Pakedge equipment is designed to power resource-hungry A/V and automation systems. Our devices include high-powered chipsets to allow for blazing fast speeds, even in congested multi-application networks, while our intelligent features help to prioritize latency-sensitive multimedia traffic, simplify installation and management, and optimize overall network performance.
“I have no cabling”
If you have no computer network cabling then we will need a short survey to determine the best way to install it. From the survey we provide you with a plan of what your network cabling installation will look like (Cat5e cabling or Cat6 cabling). Using the most appropriate network cable layout, we will install the trunking and points for you; these will in turn be terminated back to a cabinet. We will specify and manage your data cabling installation to ensure that it will have the capability of expanding easily for the future.
“I want some extra points”
If you already have some computer network cabling in place (Cat5e installation or Cat6 installation), we will determine your options. We will carry out a site survey of existing equipment, discuss your needs and advise on the appropriate solutions. From a few points to hundreds, we can manage your complete structured cabling installation, taking into account your current needs and those for the future.


IT Cabinet Organisation
For IT data cabinets that have become congested and cramped with multiple patch leads and equipment, we can provide colour coded cut to length patch leads and reorganise equipment to provide greater space and traceable patching.

Stay Connected
Secure, fast WiFi and hard wired internet to every room in your home is the back bone of any smart home system.

Our complete house installations will always include a hard wired data and telephone network to all rooms using a structured cat5, cat6 and even fibre optic cable infrastructure. This simple and cost effective cable installation allows a whole variety of services to be sent around your home and shared between different rooms and members of the family.

In its simplest form a good home data network will allow you to share music, photographs and films between computers and share printers and scanners whilst allowing secure strong wireless signals to all rooms for convenient and fast internet browsing.

Our more advanced automation installations also rely on a solid data network for the correct and reliable operation of the audio visual and automation systems which is an often overlooked element of a system but a truly essential one.

We offer cost effective data network cabling service without compromising on quality for all requirements from single sockets to large office network installations.
In these scenarios normal home network equipment is not sufficient and commercial grade set ups are needed, our designers will always specify the most suitable level of equipment for your instruments.

  • Data cabling solutions including cat
  • Data network planning & installation
  • Expansion of existing data networks
  • Coms room design & installation
  • Supply & installation of computer & data cabinets
  • Re-installation of data network on relocation
  • Data cabling repair & replacement
  • A secure network also allows our engineers to provide service to your system, securely and remotely from our offices meaning routine maintenance and problem solving can be completed far quicker and with less inconvenience to our clients.

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