Structured Cabling

Structured cabling enables your home to be integrated with the latest services and new technologies as they emerge. Structured cabling is an important tool in ensuring you can take advantage of some of the exciting technologies here today and coming tomorrow. If you are building or renovating, this will be your only chance to prewire lots of cable in your walls so take advantage of it. In the grand scheme of things, it is better to prewire your home for every perceivable eventuality in the future. No ones wants to retrofit a cable, repair and repaint walls simply because a cable was left out.








Once your home is ready to be lived in, it is up to you decide when to fit out the various services or equipment you have prewired for.

Prewire services include:

  • Data Cabling
  • Telephone
  • Multi room audio systems
  • Multi rooms video systems
  • Home theatre
  • Intercom
  • Access control
  • Security Systems
  • CCTV
  • TV & HD Distribution
  • Pay TV
  • Satellite
  • Lighting control













Once you have contacted Trimira, our in-depth consultive process will discuss all possible electronics services that will affect and or aid your lifestyle.

At Trimira, all projects big or small are documented. You will have a set of engineering documents before our technicians start on site. Once the project is completed, an updated set of documents is forwarded for safe keeping and for future usage. See the documentation tab for more details.

An important part of the structured cabling is the comms room or Hub. At Trimira, all services should be centralised at a main location. This will aid the interconnectivity between the various electronic systems. An important part of future upgrades of the electronics depend heavily on a centralised layout.

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  • Installation

    RRP Varies per project Contact us for advice

    Need Help with installation?

    At Trimira, we have our own in-house trained staff on hand to install, calibrate or program equipment. 

    Simply contact us for more details or to organise an installation.

  • Control 4

    RRP Varies per project Contact us for advice

    Contact us on how to install a Control4 smart system for your home, cinema, office, restaurant, bar, gym, or other work space.

    Our team services the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

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