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Technology enhances every meeting and presentation, but sometimes getting everything to work properly is problematic.  Control4 can help.

  • Use one-touch control to dim the lights for a presentation, lower the screen and power on your video conferencing system.
  • Incorporate video conference call capabilites to include off-site employees and manage it from one easy-to-use interface.


Control4 Brisbane Trimira Boardroom C4

Conduct meetings with confidence

In an automated boardroom or conference room, lower a screen, dim the lights, connect to an office from another continent, turn on a projector or dispay your presentation in one touch.  A Control4 system eliminated all the technical headaches and allows you to get down to business.

  • Select the setup of the room with the touch of a button… conversation, presentation, video conference and more.
  • As soon as the lights dim, the shades go down to create the perfect atmosphere for your presentation.
  • Modify the backlighting, select which PC to display on the projector, bring up the volume to the perfect level, all with one touch, reducing calls to your IT department for assistance.
  • Impress your colleagues, customers and partners with one-touch scenes that dim or raise the lights, and change the background music.
  • Integrate audio and video-conferencing systems into one easy-to-use experience.
  • Choose to manage the system from an elegant touch screen or an app on your tablet or smart phone.

How it all works together

Just a few Control4 products can deliver dramatic difference for your business.  Better still, Control4 solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party systems and applications, including locks, IP cameras, video-conferencing systems, shades and more to bring control to your business.

The “brains” of the operation, controllers provide the behind-the-scenes management of all intelligent devices in the room.

Wireless Control4 thermostats make if effortless to control temperature based on business hours or outside climate. No sense powering on the AC without dimming the shades when the sun is bright.

Touch Screens
Sleek in-wall or portable touch screens make it easy for your employees to control the system.  With access control, you can make sure the designated staff has that control, while others do not.

System Remote Controls
With an OLED backlit display, the Control4 SR-250 remote gives employees wireless, walk-around control of every TV.

2, 3 or 6 Button Keypads
Customise control features that offer one-touch convenience: “All Off”, “Lunch”, “Weekend”, or “Meeting Commence”.

Dimmers & Switches
Reduce utility bills, extend bulb life, conserve resources, and provide the convenience of pre-set, one-touch lighting scenes.

Motion & Contract Sensors
Automatically manage energy effectively and efficiently with more accuracte occupancy control.

Dock for iPod
Supports for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano for a personalised music experience.

  • Installation

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    At Trimira, we have our own in-house trained staff on hand to install, calibrate or program equipment. 

    Simply contact us for more details or to organise an installation.

  • Control 4

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