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Building for the automated life
 Every project is a unique opportunity to make your client’s dreams a reality.  With details of design and function added to enhance your client’s lifestyle, the final result is a place your clients can’t wait to come “home”. Control4 automation solutions are designed to make homes more comfortable, more energy efficient and more secure – complementing your home designs with personalised features and experiences that transform a dream home into a dream way of living.  Set yourself apart and appeal to a more informed, tech-savvy homebuyer by integrating home automation technology into your projects.



Dream Living for Every Home

Automated homes are among the top amenities that consumers expect in modern homes today.  As the leader in home automation, Control4 is the partner of choice with truly personalised and flexible automation solutions to meet every budget.

Homeowners can start with one room or solution, with plans to add more over time.  Or they can choose to have a full-featured, whole-home automation system right from the start.  Control4 authorised dealers work directly with builders and homeowners to design entry-level systems that’s right for every project.  Additionally, many Control4 dealers provide pre-wired options to ensure a home is ready for virtually anything your client may want, now or in the future.


Control4 Brisbane Builders Control4 Brisbane Builders
Control4 Brisbane Builders Control4 Brisbane Builders
Control4 Brisbane Builders Control4 Brisbane Builders
Control4 Brisbane Builders Control4 Brisbane Builders
Personalised Solutions for Every Project
 Delight your clients with a home that dramatically simplifies life – where virtually every device and system in the home can be fully automated and even controlled remotely. Control the home theatre, dim the lights, lock the doors, turn up the heat and arm the alarm – all from one easy-to-use interface.  That’s the magic of Control4.  You’ll work directly with a Control4 dealer to design an automation solution that’s perfect for every project.


The Value of Control4 an Authorised Dealer

Trained in system integration, every Control4 authorised dealer has been carefully selected to provide quality service for builders and homeowners. They take time to understand homeowner needs and ensure that each system is simple, intuitive and personalised.

Moreover, Control4 dealers understand the importance of completing work according to schedule, communication changed as they occur throughout the project, and respecting the relationship you have with your client.  Much like you, Control4 dealers rely heavily on their reputation and future referrals.


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Why Control4?

Control4 is a proven leader, with installations in over 120,000 homes and across many commercial industries including four- and five-star hotels.  You’ll find more than 3,000 trained and certified Control4 dealers in over 80 countries worldwide.

Control4 solutions work with the leading brands because Control4 is an open platform.  By working with the industry’s most innovative third-party developers, Control4 ensures that the customer always has choice when it comes to the devices, apps and products they want to use.

Control4 revolutionised home automation by introducing the first affordable, intelligent control solution on the market.  And because it is a modular system, homeowners can start with one application or room and add to it later when budget or time permits.  Control4’s award-winning products are also, hands-down, the most user-friendly.  If a homeowner can use an iPad or their smartphone, they will master their Control4 smart home in no time. 

Automation means better business

Set yourself apart by constructing homes that include the automation technology that today’s savvy homeowner expects.


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    At Trimira, we have our own in-house trained staff on hand to install, calibrate or program equipment. 

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