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Control can improve the patient experience and your bottom line

Savvy medical and dental professionals are using Control4 systems to provide a better patient experience while improving efficiencies in the office, streamlining communications and controlling sensitive security areas.  Automation can transform your office in a number of ways. 

  • Relax and entertain patients by letting them select music or movies during their visit, resulting in better patient experience.
  • Automatically set lighting scenes for different procedures, increasing operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.
  • Set lights to turn off when patients or staff leave rooms to save on energy bills.
  • Notify staff when procedures are complete with lighting alerts.
  • Use a single “Good Night” or “Good Morning” button to turn the building off or on, keeping energy bills low.
  • Turns every TV in the office on and set them to a default preferred channel with one button.
  • Receive e-mail alerts based on security-related actions; for example, when a door or cabinet is opened or the security system is triggered.  This wil reduce the loss from theft.
  • Check on the office from your smart phone or tablet, from anywhere.
  • Lock the whole building in one touch, giving you peace of mind and protection.


Doctors and dentists have discovered the benefits of automation.  Control4 delivers comfort and convenience to patients and staff in unexpected ways.

  • Automate the lights and climate control to save energy.
  • Program lighting scenes according to procedural requirements.
  • Use the intercom system to stay in touch with nurses and patients.
  • Give patients control of their own entertainment during recovery.



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