Smart Home

Smart Home

Control4 Brisbane Trimira Smart Home

Whether your home is one or one-hundred, it can still have a brain! Control4 solutions are ideal for new construction or existing homes,
no matter how old they are.


Control4 Brisbane Trimira Living Media Room


Living life, automatically

Imagine. One touch on your tablet and the movie starts, your shades close and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume.  When the sun goes down, your porch lights turn on.  And the whole house locks at 11pm. Automatically.

You rush out with the kids to drop them off at school.  By the time you get to the office you wonder, “Did I close the garage door?” Simply check from your smartphone and relax.

Imagine living in a home that obeys your every command… where virtually every device and system can be controlled remotely and fully automated.  You can use your tablet to control your home theatre, dim the lights lock the doors, turn up the heat, and arm the alarm.  Or your smartphone to do the same from not just anywhere in your house – but from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Control4 automation, a smart automation solution for homes and businesses that makes it easy for you to intelligently control every aspect of your home – from TVs to thermostats, door locks to drapes – no matter where you are, using one simple-to-use interface.  Control4 solutions make your life more comfortable, more efficient, and more secure.

Best of all, Control4 technology gives you the power to personalise your home or business with the home automation system of your dreams – all within your budget.



The genius of the smart home

The brains

It all starts with a controller, the central hub of every Control4 system.  The controller runs the operating system for your home, giving you the power to control and automate virtually any home function, including your home theatre, music, lighting, temperature, security system, appliances and more.

Each model allows you to build anything from a basic home theatre system to a whole-home automation solution.  Sleek designs make them easy to either place behind a TV or mount in a rack, so they’re always out of sight. Additionally, controllers offer features such as audio streaming, intercom capability and effortless control of your favourite consumer electronic devices.

Control4 HC-800
Blazing fast, powerful, and flexible.  The cornerstone for every control system.
Control4 HC-250
Perfect for control from your TV or for one-room systems. 


The beauty 

What makes Control4 products so easy to use is our intuitive, elegant use interface, which is virtually the same on every device.

For the family room, you may prefer a remote that gives you total control of the house right from your TV.  In the kitchen, you might prefer an elegant in-wall touch screen that makes it easy to monitor the house at all times.  Or with the MyHome app, control everything from your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or PC.

Through the Control4 interface, it is easy to control and automate virtually any home function – even from a light switch.  That’s genius!


Control4 Brisbane Trimira Portable Touchscreen

Eliminate the need for multiple remotes.  Control4 solutions simplify the control of everyday audio, video and home theatre components.


Goodbye cineplex, hello Control4

You can transform your family room into a state-of-the-art home theatre – and have the foundation for what you need to ensure your smart home can keep getting smarter.  Watch TV, access your Blu-ray/movie collection, or enjoy your entire music library using your smartphone, tablet, or an easy-to-use remote.  All it takes is one tap to have the shades close, the lights fade, and the receiver kick in at the perfect volume.

  • Automate your home theatre experience with one-touch control
  • Access your home control system through your TV
  • Send HD video to any room in the house
  • Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives, and portable devices – or browse through them all simultaneously


Control4 Brisbane Trimira Media Room


Your music, your way

With unprecedented control over your audio, Control4 technology will change the way you listen to music – forever.  The intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to browse through your music collection and play any song you want, at any volume, in any room in the house.

  • Hear classical in the living room, jazz in the kitchen, and rock in the teen’s room – all at the same time
  • Play songs from your favourtie streaming services, like Spotify or Pandora; SiriusXM satellite; or your iTunes music library
  • Distribute amplified music to different areas in the house with multi-zone amplifiers
  • Send music from virtually any source, including your smartphone or tablet, to any room in your house with the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge; even guests can stream music throughout your home

Control4 Brisbane Trimira iPad C4

Control4 Brisbane Trimira Outdoor Lighting C4

Smart lighting is a bright idea

Whether you want the perfect ambience in every room, one-touch control, or just an effortless way to save energy, Control4 home automation is the simple solution: total control over every light in the house – from across the room or across the globe.

  • Have the lights in the house turn on automatically to welcome you home
  • Use motion sensors to provide hands-free illumination in the dark
  • Turn off all lights with a single touch – except for the kids’ nightlight
  • Program the lights to shut off automatically when a room is unoccupied

​Combine lighting with curtain control and the whole house looks occupied, even when you’re away.  Or tie it into your home theatre system so the drapes close automatically as the lights dim.  You can control lighting scenes throughout your home from a central keypad or touch screen – no more dashing through the house to flip switches.  And don’t even think about construction hassles.  With a Control4 system, you can turn any standard outlet into two smart outlets, ready to control just about any electrical device.  It’s really that easy.

Be comfortable, save energy

With Control4 automation, it’s easy to save energy and money without compromising comfort.  During summer months, you can set the air-conditioning to switch off automatically when no one is home.  Come winter, a smart fireplace switch can provide additional heating to keep the house cozy, even on the coldest of nights.  On the evenings you find yourself late at the office, just hop online to adjust your thermostat levels so the heat doesn’t kick on until you’re a little closer to home. 

  • Replace your current thermostat with Control4 Wireless Thermostat to keep your home at a more energy-efficient temperature while you’re out
  • Program your shades to close during the brightest hours of the day
  • Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste
  • In case of fire, have sensors automatically shut down the HVAC system to contain smoke and flash lights outside your home to signal help


Control4 Brisbane Trimira Climate Control Air Conditioning



Control4 Brisbane Trimira CCTV Security iPad

24/7 home monitoring and control from your favourite mobile device your Control4 system keeps you in-the-know with email or text alerts based on actions at home.


A little peace of mind goes a long way

If you want to know what’s happening at home when you’re away on business or just see who’s at the front door, no problem.  The Control4 system incorporates your lights, locks, and more, to automatically make your home more secure.  With the Control4 4Sight Service, “being home” is as easy as picking up your phone or going on your computer.

  • Lock every door and arm the alarm, all with a single touch
  • Check on the kids, whether you’re downstairs or downtown
  • View the video feeds from your security webcams – anytime, anywhere
  • Receive a text alert when the Control4 system senses trouble at home, including water leaks
  • Assign temporary security codes for deliveries and service workers
  • Let yourself in when you forget your keys
  • Randomise lights and A/V equipment to make it look like you’re home even when you’re not

Smart products, smart home


A variety of intuitive Control4 interfaces let you control your lights, temperature, movies, music and much more.  Or you can turn your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, smartphone or PC into a Control4 interface with the MyHome app.

Control4 4Sight Service

Check in on the house from anywhere.  Forgot to close the garage door.  Do it from your phone.  Receive email or text alerts in case of water leak, intrusion, fire or even when your teenager gets home.  And take action to correct it, from the beach or the boardroom.


Controllers are the central hub of every Control4 system.  Each model gives you powerful control over your entire home and enables you to build your dream home-control system over time.


Control4 dimmers and switches easily replace existing light switches, or plug into outlets to offer complete control of your lights and electronic equipment without construction hassles.


From switches to amps, speakers to media players, Control4 offers multi-room music and video products that make it easy to enjoy your favourite entertainment from anywhere in your home.


Advanced temperature control is a simple and affordable addition to any home with Control4 automation.  By automating systems to conserve energy, you can control your energy costs – when you’re home or away.


Control4 works with leading companies to keep your home more secure.  Choose from products that easily integrate with your Control4 system, including locks that can be monitored and managed from any home or internet connection.

Control4 Operating System

Powerful, flexible, scalable.  The Control4 controller with its powerful OS gives you mobile control and audio/video intercom capability, plus the power to update and add to your system whenever and however you like.

MyHome App

Turn your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, smartphone or PC into a control interface for your house with this easy-to use app.  MyHome makes it easy to control just about anything in your house from virtually anywhere.


Why Control4?

We’re a proven leader
We train and certify our authorised dealers to install intelligent, open, and affordable automation solutions that will work in homes, businesses, and major hotels all over the world.  You can be confident we’ll be a great addition to your home too.

We believe in choice
Control4 is an open platform. That means we embrace standards and work with the industry’s most innovative third-party developers to ensure you always have choices when it comes to the devices, apps, and products you want to control.  It also ensures you’ll enjoy your investment well into the future.

We think way beyond a box
We revolutionised home automation when we introduced the first affordable intelligent control solution.  Every year, we innovate more with new products that speak directly to the needs of our customers.  You can expect the great ideas to keep on coming. 

Control4 Brisbane Queensland Trimira Pool Outdoor Lighting

Make your home a smart home

Control4 is not a product or technology company.  Control4 is a lifestyle company, inspired by ideas that promise more comfort, convenience, security and fun for people just like you!

Control4 partner with highly-trained system designers and installers who share our vision and passion for excellence.  The combination of their professional expertise and our award-winning solutions offer more comfort, convenience and control for all.

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