Steinway Lyngdorf – S Series

The S – Series delivers stunning, true-to-life sound from a surprisingly compact size – making it an exceptional solution for compact residences, prestigious hospitality and private yacht areas where space is a premium but exceptional experiences are not to be compromised.

Faithfully upholding tenets of distinguished and refined craftsmanship, the S – Series combines stunning aesthetics and performance into one package.

A key feature of the S-15 speaker is the innovative patent-pending AER (Ambience Enhancing Radiation) dipole tweeter design. The result is a dispersion of the highest frequencies which produces a spacious dipole effect from a speaker that can be placed up against or parallel to a back wall. The S – Series also features Boundary Woofers, and RoomPerfect™ room adaptation technology.

Soul-stirring acoustic performance is channelled from compact speakers, which can be installed in stereo and surround sound configurations with a variety of in-room and on-wall placement options.

“The Steinway Lyngdorf S-Series System is a revolutionary audio product. It sets a new standard for what is possible in a compact and rationally priced system. But the true revolution is that the S-Series System redefines not just what a stereo system can do but what it ought to do. In effect, the S-Series System produces in an ordinary room without acoustic treatment the kind of sound that was formerly only available in RFZ (reflection-free zone) systems in purpose-built rooms.” – The Absolute Sound (January 2013 issue)

The luxury lifestyle, Robb Report magazine, honored the S – Series in their 24th annual “Best of the Best” issue.



The S-15 speaker, in all its simplicity, consists of very few elements:

  • A solid aluminium back and cabinet 
  • Rubber strings suggesting the iconic Steinway pianos that inspire Steinway Lyngdorf designs.
  • A midrange speaker and AMT Tweeter
  • A solid aluminum front

These are bolted together to create a dense, solid, incredibly inert speaker ready to withstand the rigours of extremely high outputs.


The Model S series is well known as the small system with the big reach, thanks to tonally accurate bass from its powerful floor-standing S-210 dual 10” boundary woofers, which feature opposing drivers that virtually eliminate cabinet vibrations. The cabinet is large enough for powerful performance but small and discreet enough to complement your interior design, not compete against it. For a completely hidden configuration, go with the in-wall Model LS boundary woofer to complement the Model S. The number and configuration of boundary woofers is completely up to you: stick with a single pair for a small space, or begin stacking pairs for larger rooms.


Steinway Lyngdorf systems require installation and calibration from our installation team, 

please contact us for further details.