In the summer of 1969 the Integra name made its first appearance in consumer audio with the Model 701 integrated amplifier. At the time a moniker, it was then used to identify the pinnacle of technology of each product category the parent company designed and engineered. For 30 years it served the purpose as a prestigious badge of honor. When Dolby Digital Surround was launched, the Integra name was present. When the industry’s first THX Certified A/V receiver was launched, the Integra name was present; and so it has been where Integra has remained the face of leading edge technological innovation and advancement.

In 1999, addressing the rapid emergence of the custom installation (CI) channel, Integra® stepped forward as a stand-alone brand and exploded onto the scene as the first line-up of audio and video components designed and engineered exclusively for and available only through specialty audio-video integrators. Within three generations Integra established the most comprehensive authorized network of audio-video specialists around the globe and today remains the most sought after brand in the CI channel. Integra is ever-present in the support of and installations performed by the CE industry’s top 100 integrators for nearly ten years consecutively.

It is Integra’s passion for the best in audio and video performance and quest to design the most user and integration friendly products available that keeps it at the top.


  • Integra DRC-R1 – 11.2 Network Pre-Amp A/V Processor

    Our flagship Integra DRC-R1 is THX Ultra 2 certified, for reference-level object-based sound-processing sound, and turns your home into an entertainment nirvana that’s ready to work with your preferred control software. Expect unsurpassed in-theater immersion and fingertip control of housewide entertainment from Integra, the world leaders in home integration.



  • Integra DTA-70.1B – THX Ultra2 9 channel Power Amplifier

    Behind the simple facade of the THX® Ultra2 certified DTA-70.1 lies more than enough amplification muscle to power even the most demanding home theater, with 9 channels offering 150 Watts each.

    Enjoy diamond-sharp precision, whatever the volume.


  • Integra DRX-R1 – 11 channel Atmos/DTS:X Surround A/V Receiver

    Quite simply the ultimate all-in-one solution for 11-channel (140watts per channel) object-based sound: prodigious driving power for floorstanding speaker layouts, full-scale dynamics, and breathtakingly clear imaging for your theatre room with fully integrated AV entertainment throughout the home.


  • Integra DRX-7 – 9 channel Atmos/DTS:X Surround A/V Receiver

    From the deepest depths to the purest highs, the DRX-7 stimulates every sense with hair-raising emotion. Nine-channel (140watts each) object-based movie audio unleashes with thrilling scale while richly detailed stereo fills your entertainment space and beyond via wireless multi-room technology.


  • Integra DRX-5 – 7 channel Atmos/DTS:X Surround A/V Receiver

    Take the film, music, and gaming experience to a whole new level with the breathtakingly powerful 7 channel 130watts per channel THX-certified DRX-5.


  • Integra DRX-4 – 7 channel THX Certified Surround A/V Receiver

    This state-of-the-art powerhouse is engineered to share any audio source throughout the home, and features 7 channels with 110 watts per channel.