ISF Calibration


Video processor surcharge applies if a dedicated Video Processor is used in the system (Eg DVDO, Lumagen, Runco VIVX).

All video processor settings are recorded in the final Calibration Report.

Colour Management System (CMS) adjustments appear on most high end projectors, this enables accurate adjustment of Red, Green, Blue, Cyan Yellow and Magenta colour decoding. CMS adjustment attract the high end projector charge due to the additional complexity of the calibration and final report.

3D calibration includes compensation for colour shift introduced by glasses and optimisation of light output.

All calibrations performed by Asia Pacific ISF Instructor

Calibration will include the following steps for all sources in use:

• De-Interlacing, Frame Rate and Noise Reduction settings

• Geometry

• Greyscale 

• White Level (Contrast)

• Black Level (Brightness)

• Colour Saturation

• Colour Decoder / CMS (If present)

• Gamma

• Sharpness


Calibration service for visual displays such as plasmas & projectors will enable them to perform at their best.

Please contact us for more details and cost.