Segretto Invisible Speakers

Stunning… inspiring…breath-taking…elegant…

Create the living space you desire without the clutter of speaker boxes or the distraction of speaker grills. Segretto speakers provide a clean canvas to create inspirational designer spaces filled with incredible sound. Even wallpaper can be applied over the speaker!

Segretto Invisible Speakers

Using the latest vibration technologies Segretto provides exceptional voice and acoustic reproduction bringing a new dimension to your listening experience. The superb sound of Segretto creates perfect intimacy at low volumes with the versatility of concert quality at higher volume levels.

The Segretto Advantage

Segretto provides wide sound dispersion throughout the room across all frequencies. Unlike traditional speakers that need to be focused to the listener’s favourite position, the Segretto advantage makes your whole room the sweet spot. Perfect for multi-room music applications

Clean sound where you want it

With an integral sound dampened enclosure Segretto minimises sound emissions to adjoining rooms.

Quality and affordability

The SEGRETTO range is hand assembled using quality components and carries a 5 year warranty to guarantee peace of mind.

Unlike other invisible speakers, the Segretto do not sag or cause bubbles on the finish surface after installation.

Segretto- perfect for the whole home

The Segretto invisible speakers can be used for Surround sound, multi room music, outdoors and wet areas, boardrooms and other commercial installations.

The plasterboard or drywall is cut to suit the speaker dimensions

  1. The acoustic enclosure is installed and screwed to the plasterboard
  2. The speaker is wired and installed using the appropriate spacer for the thickness of the plasterboard
  3. Standard joint tape and finishing compound (mud) are used to coat the speaker (the same procedure used for repairing plasterboard)
  4. The wall is completed with standard paint finishes or wall paper coverings